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CSM Timothy Sprunger, BG Shan Bagby, Mayor Rick Allen, BG David Doyle (2021)

The Louisiana Armed Forces Alliance (LAFA) is focused on coordinating efforts to support the armed forces, the missions of military installations in the state, and the quality of life for members of the armed forces and families stationed in Louisiana.

We’re proud to live in a state where our nation’s security is a priority, and we’re proud to support service members, retirees and their familiesHowever, whatever support we offer our armed forces comes with another responsibility: being good stewards of our state’s resources. 

We believe that success in our mission will not only keep the economic impact of the military in our state stable, but also grow it, all while providing a vital service to our nation. 

By partnering with the Louisiana Armed Forces Alliance (LAFA), you are helping us provide our state with a dedicated, unified voice to protect and grow the mission at every installation in our state. 


Address: P.O. Box 279, Leesville, LA 71496

+1 (337)424-7007,

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